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Intov8 = Integration + Innovation


We differ from a typical mining software solution provider in that we not only have experience working on mine sites but we have proven experience in mine systems development, business improvement, system integration and mine production analysis.


Our core development team has spent over 100 combined years working for the world's biggest mining companies at some of the most successful mines in the world.  Because we had the opportunity to design and implement mining software solutions at the coal face, we have intimate knowledge of your mining processes and mining data reporting requirements.  Now the systems we have perfected are being made available to your mine.



Intov8's mission is to revolutionise the mining industry through the provision of cost-effective software solutions that transform the way mines manage their data.




Facilitate significant beneficial change in the mining industry through the widespread deployment of our software solutions.


Exceed Partner requirements by delivering intelligent solutions with outstanding support.


Provide exceptional return on investment to our partners through continual investment in research and development.


Advance our products with the latest market-leading technologies for our partners to lead the mining industry world-wide.


Realise the ambitions of our employees by creating an environment where people contribute, grow and learn.


Promote a non-hierarchical organisational structure where all roles have equal accountabilities and contributions to the company’s success.




Excellence - We believe diligent work and high performance standards are fundamental ingredients to our success.


Innovation - We are motivated by technological innovation that facilitates increased productivity and lowers waste for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Integration - We will continue to develop and foster relationships with third party solution providers for the benefit of our customers.


Integrity - Our actions are consistent with our values. We treat everyone with honesty, respect and open communication.


Teamwork - Our success is only possible with the combined effort and cooperation of our customers, partners and employees.




Intov8 Pty Ltd supplies market-leading business intelligence solutions to the world’s largest mining companies. Intov8's mission is to develop and deliver cost-effective software solutions that transform the way mines manage their data, allowing them to realise immediate and measurable operational and financial benefits to the business. Intov8 is an innovative, progressive company that values dynamic, LEAN practices, employee empowerment, bureaucratic free communications and a dynamic, adaptive work ethos.



Intov8 provide a number of other services to potential partners as part of established projects



  1. Requirement Definition
  2. Scope of Works Development
  3. Data and source system advices
  4. Supply Chain Definitions
  5. Project Management


Please contact Intov8 to find out more information on these services.


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