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Bring all your system data together with Corvus Axiom



Process Activities are the building blocks of Corvus Axiom. Building on the principles of Time Usage Modeling - Corvus Process Activities enable data visualization with a high degree of configuration.


Process Activities allow the consolidation and aggregation of mining resource metrics, and can be used to provide live data dashboards, production and maintenance reports and real-time data visualization.

Corvus Axiom is a powerful, high performance, cost-effective mine enterprise data management solution helping the world’s largest mining companies, automate and analyse their production systems.


Corvus Axiom's comprehensive suite of application modules provides unparalleled data intelligence and management capabilities. By integrating production data from across multiple disparate Fleet Management and SCADA Systems into the Corvus centralized data source, Corvus Axiom can empower production analysis and improvement teams to effectively monitor, plan and improve production performance.



Leveraging the power of the latest Microsoft Reporting Technologies – Corvus Reports Manager utilises SQL Server Reporting Services to provide an all-inclusive suite of Production and Maintenance reports which can be customized to fulfill the needs of any Productive Partner.


Corvus Reports Manager is embedded management tool available directly within Corvus Axiom allowing users to run Reporting Services generated reports with Corvus Axiom.



Corvus Axiom is the key that unlocks access to your sites data. It provides a myriad of tools to allow your organisation to manage their data and analyse current and past performance and predict future performance.


Our suite of management tools provides Productive Partners with, the ability to monitor and manage events on site with our Resource and Inventory Events Modules, to view spatial visualisations and monitor live data with our Maps and SCADA Monitor Modules, and to manage their Shift and Monthly processes, with our Shift Logs, Workflow Manager and Activity Sign-Off Modules.



Data integration is made easy with Corvus Axiom. With data integration being the fundamental component of production data standardization, with Corvus Axiom users can easily import and export data, refresh/update system data through integration connections and perform ad-hoc data queries directly of the centralised tables and views.



Corvus Axiom is a fully configurable system. Users have the ability set the system up and manage the data (including source system mappings) in a way that helps them achieve their business goals. Corvus Axiom provides a comprehensive master data and configuration management module, which provide users with the tools to manage and administer Personnel, Rosters, Organisational Units, Resources, Locations, Materials, Security and much more.

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