Make sure important data is visible to key personnel Bring data to life with Corvus Dashboards

Built on the latest .Net technology, Corvus Dashboards is designed to present real time production data to keep you up to date at all times.


The Dashboards application pulls data from multiple sources and locations, presenting up to date data notifications from across an entire mine site for Shift and Month to Date data monitoring and analysis. Live feedback volumes against monthly planned movements are presented in an easy to interpret, logical format to highlight early warning signs of issues, allowing you to respond quickly to delays and incidents.


There are no software license restrictions; with a single license enabling access to the dashboard on as many devices as you require. The application is also available on handheld devices so the data displays are available to users both on and offsite.

Graphical Reporting

With a myriad of reporting tools at its disposal, Corvus Dashboards allows a company to expose its most important data to all users of the system in an easily interpretable format.


With the ability to configure each dashboard tab with gauges, graphs, tables and charts; this application is flexible and can be powerful for any business.

Personalised Configuration

Dashboards are completely configurable by users. Sites utilising the same database can still configure dashboards on a site, and user level to present site metrics, specific resource availability and downtime as well as personnel information.


There is no limit to the numbers of visual controls or data combinations that can be used to build a dashboard.

Desktop Access

The Corvus Dashboard application has been design to be available on the user’s desktop at all times. When the operating system starts once a computer has been turned on, the dashboards application can open and load immediately if the user chooses.


Alternatively, the user is able to configure the application to only start on demand.


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