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Personnel Management is made easy. Access all your Personnel Details in one place.

The Corvus Organiser module, which can be accessed within Corvus Axiom, can currently be used as a personnel management tool, an absence/attendance scheduling tool or to allow Supervisors to organise and view relief Crew members allocated to a Labour Hire Pool of Crew members as they move across Crews. The Corvus Organiser module allows Supervisors to access, in a timely manner, one view of their Crew’s absence/attendance data (including Annual or Sick Leave and Onsite or Offsite Training).


Currently, Corvus Organiser allows Supervisors to manage their Crew absence/attendance data, in one place to ensure that the data is available in a timely manner. Once the absence/attendance is scheduled it is then available in Corvus Organiser, as well as against applicable reports within Corvus Report Manager.

 Report Manager can be used to display and report on personnel absence/attendance data that is entered in to Corvus Organiser. The data, as available in Corvus Organiser is displayed on the report in one of two ways. This data can be displayed within Corvus Report Manager as the report is executed, or reports can be configured for Report Subscriptions and automatically sent out at set times to a set list of groups or users, this is particularly handy where Supervisors have access to email but may not utilise Corvus Axiom.



In the case of Corvus Organiser Master Data Administration includes Manage Personnel as well as the users Role, Organisational Unit, Roster and any Proxies that may be assigned. Corvus Master Data for the Manage Personnel Module is important as it dictates how the data is available and displayed in Corvus Organiser. As the configuration of this data is available in the Data Administration tab of Corvus Axiom, the Corvus Organiser module can be easily maintained by our users.

Reports Manager Master Data Administration


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