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Corvus Suite


[kawr-vuh s]


noun, genitive Corvi  [kawr-vahy] . Astronomy


1. The Crow, a southern constellation between Virgo and Hydra.


(Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2015.)


Corvus is a suite of software products designed to provide organisations with a means to identify and respond to inefficiencies or events and improve production and  personnel performance

in a timely manner.  Custom gauges, graphs and reports display data from across all organisational business units in real-time, from any source system, on your desktop or mobile device, onsite or offsite.

Corvus Axiom is a mine production data management system which connects directly to existing fleet and plant monitoring systems. It is an active hunter-gatherer, rather than a spoon-fed repository.


The Corvus Axiom modules are designed with a robust structure, but with a focus on data ownership by the mine sites. Corvus intelligence melds real-time data to real-world business process in real time. That opens up a host of business improvement opportunities within all levels of the site teams, where corrective decisions can be made quickly and accurately.


Data from a wide range of well-known source systems is brought together through business rules that have been customised for each site. Intov8 is recognised as being in the forefront of multi-site, single instance technologies which allows for low cost and early implementations.

The Corvus Dashboard visually presents real-time data from multiple sources and locations on the one screen. The fully configurable Corvus Dashboard, built on the latest .Net technology, provides real-time data on a single screen for all production information sourced from right across your site for shift and month-to-date monitoring, planning and analysis.


Corvus Organiser is every Supervisor’s answer to managing crews, rosters, leave and absences. Each crew has access to their own calendar and supervisors and managers can view, manage and approve leave requests from the calendar view.


In addition, Corvus Organiser manages personnel Roles, Organisation Units, Rosters and Competencies.

xConnect is the new technology for a centralised way of connecting to disparate systems, including FMS, SCADA, Historian, ERP, port and accounting systems.  xConnect enables a fully automated and integrated application to increase shift and site productivity. xConnect links to your existing systems enabling them to ‘talk’ to each other. No longer do systems installed at your site need to operate independently.


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